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U-Scrub A Pup self-serve dog wash prices depend on your dog's size and coat type.  Dogs that are larger or smaller than normal for their breed may vary up or down.
Self Service
(You Wash)
Full Service
(We Wash)
Coat / Size
Breed Examples
A - $9.99 $24.99+* Short Haired Small Dogs Short Haired Dachshund-Chihuahua-Italian Greyhound-Rat Terrier-Miniature Pinscher
B - $13.99 $29.99+* Long haired small dogs
Short haired small/medium dogs
Shih Tzu-Maltese-Mini Poodle- Papillon-Lowchen-Bolognese- Pekingese-Chinese Crested-Long Haired Dachshund-Cairn Terrier-Wire Haired Fox Terrier-Scottish Terrier- Bichon-Havanese-Pomeranian
West Highland White Terrier-Tibetan Terrier-Coton de Tulear-Yorkshire Terrier-Silky Terrier-Australian Terrier-Brussels Griffon-Pug-Boston Terrier-French Bulldog- Jack Russell Terrier-Japanese Chin
C - $17.99 $34.99+* Long haired medium dogs
Short haired medium/large dogs
Cocker Spaniel-Schnauzer-Border Collie-Cavalier King Charles Spaniel-Spitz-Tibetan Spaniel-Lhasa Apso-Australian Cattle Dog-Bull Terrier-Shar Pei-Shiba Inu- Pit Bull-Boxer-English Bulldog-Doberman-Basenji-Weimeraner-Viszla-Swedish Vallhund-Whippet-Schipperke- Beagle
D1 - $21.99 $39.99+* Short haired large dogs Basset Hound-American Bulldog-Catahoula-Greyhound-Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier-Dalmatian- Labrador-Great Dane-Chesapeake Bay Retriever-Springer Spaniel-Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever-Brittany Spaniel-
D2 - $23.99 $44.99+* Long haired large dogs Golden Retriever-Shetland Sheepdog-Australian Shepherd- American Eskimo-Setters-Flat Coated Retriever-Portuguese Water Dog-Malinois-Airedale
E - $25.99 $49.99+* Long haired extra large dogs
Short haired extra large dogs
Mastiff-Rottweiler-Bloodhound-Rhodesian Ridgeback-Husky-Collie-German Shepherd-Keeshond-Bearded Collie-Old English Sheepdog-Giant Schnauzer-Standard Poodle-Akita-Chow Chow-Irish Wolfhound-Afghan Hound-Alaskan Malamute-Newfoundland-Leonberger-Great Pyrenees-Bernese Mountain Dog-St. Bernard-Samoyed


Extra Add-On Services:

Bandana and Spritz of Perfume $4.99 Ear Cleaning and Nail Trim $14.99
Teeth Brush and Peppermint Spray $4.99 Flea or Medicated Shampoo $4.99
Anal Glands with Baby Wipe and Perfume $14.99 *Undercoat Deshed with Full Service $4.99 - $29.99
Nail Trim with Pet Dremel $11.99
Military Discount
$2 off Self Service Baths Any Day
A therapeutic dietary supplement for the improvement of skin, coat, and overall well-being of dogs.
A dietary supplement to support joint health and help provide relief for dogs with debilitating joint conditions.
Pet Tabs
Chewable, dietary supplement for dogs & cats of all sizes & ages. Contains Calcium, Phosphorous & Vitamin D in a carefully balanced ratio. Give 1 tablet daily to dogs weighing 20 lb or more. 60ct
bladder support
Senior Dog Bladder Support
Formulated to help senior dogs maintain and support healthy bladder control and normal urination by utilizing synergistic ingredients. Contains Cranberry extract, vitamin C, Oregon grape root, wild yam root, marshmallow root, rehmannia and pumpkin seeds. 60ct
a digestive enzyme and probiotic supplement that allows the pet to take in considerably more nutrition from his food and promotes digestive tract health. 14oz.
Ears, Eyes, and Teeth
EarMed Boracetic Flush
Boric and Acetic acid ear flush that helps eliminate ear conditions associated with bacteria and yeast. 12oz.
EarMed Cleansing Solution & Wash
Gently removes dirt, excess ear wax and dead tissue from the ear. Can be used daily. 12oz.
Cleanser for dirty, waxy ears. Quickly dissolves ear wax and dirt. Contains peroxide for cleaning and glycerine to prevent drying tissue. 4oz.
Jeffers Ear Cleaner
Contains natural Eucalyptus extract to remove ear wax, reduce ear odors and inflammation caused by ear mite infestation. Safe for dogs, cats, ferrets and rabbits. 8oz.
EarMed Wipes
Easy to use wipes quickly and effectively remove daily dirt, wax and other odor-causing discharge. 40ct
Puralube Eye Ointment
Sterile eye ointment. Ideal for use when bathing or dipping your pet. For use as a protectant against further irritation or to relieve dryness of the eye. Contains white petroleum and light mineral oil. 1/8oz.
Conquer Hy-Optic
Helps lubricate eyes and reduces effects of dry eye. Contains a hylauronic acid, vitamin B6, and taurine. Speeds up healing of corneal ulcers. All natural and non-toxic. .5 oz
PetzLife Oral Care Spray
Helps to control plaque and tartar, eliminate bad breath, and fight oral disease. 4oz.
Advanced Oral Care Foaming Tartar Remover
Gently controls plaque and tartar while freshening breath. Best used on your dog every day. For dogs and puppies over 3 months of age. 4oz.
Plaque Off
Just add a capful to your pet's water (24 oz bowl) for fresher, healthier breath. Also helps remove plaque and tartar. Formulated to aid oral health for dogs, cats and other small mammals. Made with human grade ingredients along with Yuccarome and mint oils to control digestive tract odors. Takes effect within 24-48 hours. 16oz.
Shampoo and Conditioner
Maximum Chlorhexidine Shampoo
For conditions associated with bacteria and a wide range of microorganisms. 12oz.

4% Chlorhexidine Gluconate
KetoHexidine Shampoo
For conditions associated with bacterial dermatitis, seborrhea, yeast, and fungi. 12oz.

1% Ketoconazole and 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate
Triclosan Deodorizing Shampoo
Helps eliminate “doggie odor” while leaving a long lasting, fresh fragrance. 12oz.
Benzoyl Peroxide Shampoo
For conditions associated with demodectic mange, seborrhea dermatitis, and canine acne. 12oz.

2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide
Miconazole Shampoo
Therapeutic formula includes Colloidal Oatmeal to soothe damaged skin while helping to relieve symptoms of fungal infections. 12oz.

2% Miconazole Nitrate
Melaleuca Shampoo
Vitamin E and rosemary help with conditions associated with seborrhea dermatitis, bacteria, and fungi. 12oz.
Sulfur and Tar Shampoo
A combination of Sulfur, Tar, Salicylic acid, Zinc Oxide, Menthol, and Aloe Vera relieve itching, irritation, and skin flaking associated with dandruff, dermatitis, and flea bites. 12oz.
Pramoxine Shampoo
Combat the scratching and flaking resulting from seborrheic dermatitis and other skin disorders with this fast-acting formula. 12oz.

1% Pramoxine Hydrochloride
Kalaya Emu Oil Shampoo
Moisturizes skin and helps reduce inflammation from flea bite allergy, grass fungus and nonspecific dry, flaky skin problems. For use on dogs, cats, ferrets & rabbits. 17oz.

Bark 2 Basics Oatmeal Shampoo
All purpose bathing & soothing and moisturizing dry, itchy skin. Produces a rich, thick lather that deep cleans without drying, yet is mild enough to use on pets of all ages. Contains no harsh additives or ingredients that build up on the coat. Rinses easily and leaves coats luxurious, healthy, and shiny. pH balanced for pets skin. 16oz.
Bark 2 Basics D-Mat Coat Conditioner
Moisturizing, conditioning, mat removal & static control. Greatly reduces mats in pets coats saving time, money, and pain for the pet. Can be used as a rinse out or leave-in conditioner. Perfect for all coat types. 16oz.
Oatmeal Leave-On Conditioner
Helps provide soothing residual relief for irritated, dry, and itchy skin. 12oz.
EQyss Flea Bite System
Spray and shampoo that combine ingredients to combat skin discomfort caused by fleas. 16oz each.
EQyss Premier Rehydrant System
Spray and shampoo that contain specific ingredients and vitamins that restore moisture, balance, and strength to the coat while soothing irritation. Natural botanical ingredients attract moisture and bind it to the coat. 16oz each.

Also sold seperately.
Shampoo $16.95
Spray $18.95
EQyss Micro Tek System
16oz each $35.95
32oz each $45.95
Spray and shampoo that combines ingredients to create the healthiest environment for healing.

Also sold seperately.
Shampoo $19.95
Spray $22.95
Sprays and Ointments
Chlorhexidine Spray
Non-sting formula aids in the relief of conditions associated with bacteria and a wide range of microorganisms. 8oz.

4% Chlorhexidine Gluconate
Pramoxine Anti-Itch Spray
Temporary relief from scratching and flaking associated with seborrheic dermatitis and other skin disorders. 8oz.
Miconazole Spray
For conditions associated with fungal infections. 4oz.

2% Miconazole Nitrate.
Spray $7.99 (4oz)
Bottle $14.99 (12oz)

For control of ringworm, summer itch, girth itch and other fungus problems. Painless, non-staining and no harmful effects from licking. Visible results in 4-7 days. For horses, dogs, or cats.
Foot Rot and Ringworm Spray
Control of summer itch, girth itch, foot rot, ringworm and other fungal problems on cattle, sheep, horses, dogs and cats. 16oz.
Kalaya Emu Oil Spray
An aqueous-based spray to use between bathings as a daily grooming aid. Moisturizes the skin and helps reduce inflammation. May be used as often as necessary. 17oz.
Stinky Dog Gone
Destroys foul doggie odor and leaves a pleasant fragrance. 16oz.
Flea and Tick Mist
Used as an emergency flea killer for both your pet and bedding. 16oz.
Chlorhexidine Ointment
A soothing topical ointment that promotes healing of surface wounds and sores. 4oz.

2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate
Pad and Elbow
A thick, easy to use salve that quickly penetrates to help repair and heal painfully dry, cracked pads and elbows. 4oz.
Miscellaneous Care
Happy Hoodie
$9.95 / $15.95
A soft expandable lightweight band that is placed over a pet’s ears to provide relief and protection
Rescue Remedy
Natural stress relief drops for pets. Useful in many stressful situations such as going to the vet or groomer, during long road trips, and thunderstorms or fireworks. 10ml
Liquid Bandage
Created to help heal and protect your dog's injury, keeping it clean and dry, while the breathable film allows air to reach the cut, scratch, stitch or irritation. Also great for hot spots! Contains no alcohol, so no stinging or discomfort. No acrylic (plastics). Waterproof. 4oz.
Activated charcoal is generally called the "universal antidote" by toxicologists. For use as a convenient treatment for poisoning by most organic chemicals in dogs, cats and large animals. In all cases of suspected poisonings, consult your veterinarian for complete diagnosis and specific treatment. 240ml
Greenies Pill Pockets
No more struggling to give medications! For Tablets or Capsules. 30ct

Beef Flavor
Pet Piller
Finger rings for better control. Soft rubber jaws to reduce the chance of injury. Draw water inside to aid swallowing. Transparent barrel/Green plunger.
5 in 1 Canine Spectra Vaccine
Distemper, Parvovirus, Adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza, 1 Dose
Bordetella Intranasal
Bordetella, Canine Influenza, 1 Dose
Flea Killer Pills (Capstar)
$5.00 each
Kill all of the fleas on your dog for a 24 hour period.

Available weights: 2-25 lbs, 26-80 lbs, 81-125 lbs
Tapeworm Pills (Praziquantel)
Two pills for $15
Kills tapeworms in dogs and cats.

Available weights: Up to 16 lbs, 16-30 lbs, 30-45 lbs, 46-60 lbs, over 60 lbs
Flea Control Pills (Program)

Once a month pill works by sterilizing the female fleas to keep their eggs from hatching. It doesn’t kill the adult fleas so it is important to treat your yard monthly. Can be used with Capstar.
Weight Lufenuron 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
2-30 lbs 165mg $4.50 $11.25 $21.00 $39.00
31-60 lbs 375mg $4.75 $11.76 $22.20 $41.40
61-90 lbs 560mg $5.00 $12.51 $23.10 $44.40
90-125 lbs 750mg $5.25 $13.26 $24.60 $46.80
850-243-9274 (WASH)